Steps and equipment for Optic Fibre Repairs Blacktown

The fibre optic technology has been there in our lives for a while and has impacted our lives over a period of time. The communication and transmission of information have become easier and more indispensable especially in the business world because of the fibre optic technology. The heat, moisture or even lightning will not interrupt the connectivity. Also, the overall cost of installation and maintenance is cheaper when compared to other options in Blacktown. It also requires little maintenance. But what do you think about the Optic Fibre Repairs Blacktown? The fibre optic cable can be accidentally damaged and smashed. So here are a few steps suggested for you to repair the damaged optic cable.

Kit required for Optic Fibre Repairs Blacktown

One of the main causes of optic fibre failure is the backhoe fade. Here the optic fibre cable is cut or smashed while digging. If it is caused by the moles then the troubleshooting process becomes difficult. But it can be done easily when you have the needed pieces of equipment. Therefore, here are some tools that are suggested for you to repair the damaged or broken fibre optic cable.

Optical time-domain reflectometer (OTDR)

The OTDR is one of the main tools that are used in repairing the broken fibre optic cable. It is widely used for the measurement of fibre length, joint attenuation, fibre attenuation, and fault location.

Fibre optic cutter or stripper

The fibre optic cutter and the fibre optic stripper are also one of the most important tools that are involved in the troubleshooting process of the damaged or broken fibre optic cable. They are mostly used in the fibre optic splicing and the fibre optic cable cutting applications.

High precision fibre optic cleaver

For fusion splicing, the fibre optic cleaver is used to cut the fibreglass. It is also ideal for preparing the fibre for pre-polished connectors. This tool is particularly very important in the fibre splicing process and this usually works with the fusion splicer to meet the end requirements. 

Fusion splicer

This tool is used to join the two optical fibres end-to-end using heat. This is a machine which helps to infuse both the fibres together in such a way the light passing through the fibre is not scattered or reflected from the splice. This plays an important role in repairing the fibre optical cable.

Steps involved in repairing fibre optic cable

 Here are a few steps that will help you in Optic Fibre Repairs Blacktown using the fibre optic cable repair kit.

Step 1: use OTDR

The first thing that you should do is to look for the break in the fibre optical cables. With the help of the OTDR device identify the break in fibre optic cable. This device works like radar which sends a light pulse right down to the optical fibre cable. When it encounters the break it will be deflected to your device and this helps the technician to know the position of the break.

Step 2: use of fibre optic cutter

The next step is to use the fibre optic cutter. After knowing where the optic cable is broken, you should dig up the fibre optic cable with the break. The fibre optic cutter is majorly used to cut out the damaged section.

 Step 3: use the fibre optic stripper

You need to use the fibre optic stripper to strip the fibre optic cable. You have to strip the fibre on both the end and peel the jacket gently to expose the fibre optic tube inside. Now cut any sheath and yarn by the fibre optic cutting tools.

Step 4: use the high precision fibre cleaver

The next step is to use a high precision fibre cleaver. With this, you can trim any damage on the optical fibre ends. This is an easy process. All you have to do is open the body cover and put the stripped fibre on the v-groove. Now close the holder cover. Again close the cover and move the slider forward to cleave the fibre. Now open the cover and check the cleaved fibre. Open the holder cover and take out the cleaved fibre. Lastly, remove the chip of the cleaved fibre with a pair of tweezers.

Step 5: clean the stripped fibre optic cable

Here you have to clean the stripped fibre optic cable. This step is to ensure that your terminal will get a clean wire strip. You have to clean the stripped fibre cable with the help of alcohol and lint-free wipes. Also, ensure that the fibre does not touch anything.

Step 6: splice the fibre optic cable

Two methods can be used to splice the optical fibre cable. They are mechanical splicing and fusion splicing.

Step 7: test the fibre optic cable with OTDR

The very last step is to see the connection of the fibre-optic using the OTDR. Perform the connection test and ensure whether everything is correct.

 Therefore, fixing a damaged optical fibre is an important task as this can lead to an interruption for data transmission. So go through the steps and apply where it is needed. 

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